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Game List
Capcom Games

-SFI Series
-SFII Series
-Alpha/Zero Series
-EX Series
-SFIII Series
-Marvel Series
-Versus SNK Series
-Darkstalkers Series
-Other Capcom titles

SNK Games

-AoF Series
-FF/Garou Series
-KoF Series
-Other SNK titles

Arc Systems Games

-GG Series

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Section last updated: June 07, 2003

Below is a list of (eventually) every fighting title made by Capcom, SNK, and Arc Systems. Other related titles will also be added. Most of these titles will have something to do with the fighting games in general. (i.e. A cameo apperance, a non-fighting game where a character first appeared, etc.)

Capcom Games

Street Fighter I Series
-Street Fighter I

Street Fighter II Series
-Street Fighter II
-Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
   -Street Fighter II: Rainbow Edition
-Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
-Super Street Fighter II
-Super Street Fighter II: Turbo
  -Super Street Fighter II Turbo: Revival

Street Fighter Alpha/Zero Series
-Street Fighter Alpha
-Street Fighter Alpha 2
  -Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold
-Street Fighter Alpha 3
  -Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper

Street Fighter EX Series
-Street Fighter EX
  -Street Fighter EX +
  -Street Fighter EX + Alpha
-Street Fighter EX 2
  -Street Fighter EX 2 +
-Street Fighter EX 3

Street Fighter III Series
-Street Fighter III: New Generation
  -Street Fighter III: Double Impact
-Street Fighter III: Second Impact Giant Attack
  -Street Fighter III: Double Impact
-Street Fighter III: Third Strike

Marvel Series
-X-Men: Children of the Atom
-Marvel Super Heroes
-X-Men vs. Street Fighter
-Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter
-Marvel v Capcom
-Marvel v Capcom 2

Versus SNK Series
-Capcom vs. SNK
  -Capcom vs SNK Pro
-Capcom vs. SNK 2
  -Capcom vs SNK 2: EO

Darkstalkers/Vampire Series

Other Capcom titles
-Capcom Fighting All-Stars


-Jojo's Venture
-JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

-Pocket Fighter

-Rival Schools
-Project Justice

SNK Games

Art of Fighting Series
-Art of Fighting
-Art of Fighting 2
-Art of Fighting 3

Fatal Fury/Garou Series
-Fatal Fury
-Fatal Fury 2
  -Fatal Fury Special
-Fatal Fury 3
-Real Bout Fatal Fury
-Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
  -Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
-Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition
-Fatal Fury/Garou: Mark of the Wolves

-Fatal Fury: First Contact

The King of Fighters Series
-The King of Fighters 1994
-The King of Fighters 1995
-The King of Fighters 1996
-The King of Fighters 1997
-The King of Fighters 1998
-The King of Fighters 1999
-The King of Fighters 2000
-The King of Fighters 2001
-The King of Fighters 2002

-The King of Fighters EX
-The King of Fighters EX 2
-The King of Fighters R-1
-The King of Fighters R-2
-The King of Fighters: Battle de Paradise
-The King of Fighters Kyo
-Quiz King of Fighters

Other SNK titles
-Rage of the Dragons

Arc Systems

Guilty Gear Series
-Guilty Gear
-Guilty Gear X
  -Guilty Gear X Plus
  -Guilty Gear X Ver 1.5
  -Guilty Gear X Advance
-Guilty Gear XX
  -Guilty Gear XX #Reload
-Guilty Gear Petit
-Guilty Gear Petit 2

This is a list of games that I plan to have information about. Also note that games I've listed below are in the maybe category. They reason they are there is becasue they have some sort of relation to the one of the fighting games covered on this site.

Street Fighter: The Movie
Street Fighter II Movie: Interactive Movie
Street Fighter 2010
SNK vs Capcom (NGPC)
Card Fighters Clash
Card Fighters Clash 2
Street Fighter II (GB)

Armored Warriors/Powered Gear
Final Fight

Nakoruru - Ano hito kara no okurimono (Nakoruru Adventure Game)

Startling Adventures