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Section last updated: June 09, 2002

Ever seen cool stuff made from your favorite fighting game series? Statues, toys, models, etc. This section will highlight some of the better merchandise out there.


Banpresto seems to have quite a few goodies for many games, including various Capcom, SNK and Guilty Gear games. Here's a few of the items I've found browsing through their site.

Capcom Valentine Figures
Capcom vs SNK Keychains


Epoch is a Japanese company that has made some of the nicest looking statues and action figures. Thus far they've done games like Samurai Shodown, The King of Fighters, Guilty Gear X, and perhaps a few more, I'm not even sure about.

Guilty Gear X
Dizzy statue
Jam statue
May statue
Sol statue


Note about Resaurus- It seems that Resaurus is no more. Their website is down and searching through some news site it seems that they have indeed closed. The company had released Round One and Two of their Street Fighter line, along with one set of the Street Fighter Junior series. They were currently in the process of making the characters for Round Three and Four before they shut down. Tis a shame really...

Street Fighter
One of the nicest looking toys released in America are the ones made by Resaurus. If you've seen some of their offerings, you'd probably agree. Each figure comes in two colors, known as Player One and Player Two. The only exception to this is the Round One figures. Which is known to have 4 different Player colors. Currently the company has released a total of 12 characters. The first set, dubbed Round One featured Ryu, Ken, Vega (guy with the claw), Alex, Blanka, and Cammy.

The second set, dubbed Round Two, featured Sagat, Chun Li, Charlie, Akuma, Necro, and Remy.

The third set, Round Three, features Guile, Guy, Dhalsim, Dan, Ibuki, and M. Bison (Psycho Crusher guy).

The fourth set, Round Four, features Yun, Yang, Zangief, Sean, Sakura, and SF3 versions of Ken and Ryu. Although Round Four has 7 characters, compared to the previous six per set, it is believed that Yun and Yang will be featured as one character, one as Player One and the other as Player Two.

Street Fighter Jr.
The Street Fighter Jr. series is super-deformed versions of the Street Fighter characters. Think of Pocket Fighters and you'll get the idea. The first round consisited of Ryu, Ken, Akuma, and Chun Li.

Round 1 Player One Player Two Player Three Player Four

SF Jr. Round 1 Player One
Akuma Akuma Jr
Akuma Jr in his box
Akuma Jr at Toy Fair
Another pic of Akuma Jr at Toy Fair
Chun Li Chun Li Jr
Chun Li Jr in her box
Chun Li Jr at Toy Fair
Ken Ken Jr
Ken Jr in his box
Ken Jr at Toy Fair
Another pic of Ken Jr at Toy Fair
Ryu Ryu Jr
Ryu Jr in his box
Ryu Jr at Toy Fair
Misc Pics Akuma, Ryu, and Ken
Poster of the R1 figures

SF Jr. Round 2 Player One
Blanka Blanka Jr
Blanka Jr at Toy Fair
Another pic pf Blanka Jr at Toy Fair
Cammy Cammy Jr
Cammy Jr at Toy Fair
Another pic of Cammy Jr at Toy Fair
Guile Guile Jr
Guile Jr at Toy Fair
Another pic of Guile Jr at Toy Fair
Sakura Sakura Jr
Sakura Jr at Toy Fair
Another pic of Sakura Jr at Toy Fair
Misc Pics Guile and Cammy Jr
Sakura and Blanka Jr.
Group shot of Blanka, Guile, Cammy, and Sakura
Poster of the Round 2 figures