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Game List
Guilty Gear XX
-Guilty Gear XX

-Release Date

 Playstation 2:
  -12/12/2002 (JP)
  -2003 (US)

-Other Versions

 -Arc System Works

- Playable Characters

  -Anji Mito
  -Axl Low
  -Chipp Zanuff
  -Jam Kuradoberi
  -Ky Kiske
  -Millia Rage
  -Sol Badguy

- Secret/Hidden Characters


- Unplayable Characters


Guilty Gear XX: The Midnight Carnival
Guilty Gear XX

Section last updated: November 13, 2002

Game Information

Since the game is currently still in the process of being made, everything here could and is bound to change. Chupiler of the MMCafe forums posted some initial impressions of the game from the AOU show as well as some of the references to the new characters.
Chupiler's site check it out here. His comments about the pics were posted on the forum, which are posted below.

Bridget - Shows the similarities between the him and Rosette from Chrno Crusade, especially the design of the cross.

Slayer - nothing really.

I-no - show the similarities between her and Shiina Ringo, from the female guitarist setting to the guitar she debuted with down to the mole. Also show the similarities between her and Zabel (and Ru Maruta), the poses and the speakers. I-no's similarities to Enma-kun's hat. (not related, but notice that Yukiko-hime is what Bishamon's Bliss transformation came from) I've heard that I-no might also resemble Haruko from FLCL, but I'm not sure.

Zappa - Shows the similarities between "S-Ko" and Sadako from the popular horror flick(s) Ring. I might do background/stories, but I'm pretty busy right now. If someone else could do Zappa, I-no and Slayer, then I'll put it up (since I already did Bridget's).

One word about Eddie. As reported on the MMCafe the voice actor for Zato-1 unfortunately died. As such the director stated that he cannot imagine anyone else doing Zato so he killed Zato off in the game. Eddie is apparently the name of the shadow that had possessed Zato, and it seems he will be taking Zato's place in the game. Check out the magazine scans below for a picture.


Official Bridget Artwork
Official I-NO Artwork
Official Slayer Artwork
Official Zappa Artwork

Anji Face Portrait
Axl Face Portrait
Baiken Face Portrait
Bridget Face Portrait
Chipp Face Portrait
Dizzy Face Portrait
Eddie Face Portrait
Faust Face Portrait
I-NO Face Portrait
Jam Face Portrait
Johnny Face Portrait
Ky Face Portrait
May Face Portrait
Millia Face Portrait
Potemkin Face Portrait
Slayer Face Portrait
Sol Face Portrait
Testament Face Portrait
Venom Face Portrait
Zappa Face Portrait

Source: Madman's Cafe

Zappa vs Testament
Ino vs Jam
May vs Slayer

Source: Zepy

Magazine Scan 1
Magazine Scan 2
Magazine Scan 3
Magazine Scan 4


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