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Game List
Capcom vs SNK 2
-Capcom vs SNK 2

-Release Date
  -8/1/2001 (JP)
  -10/2001 (US)

  -9/13/2001 (JP)
   -w/ Fan Disk (JP)

 Playstation 2:
  -9/13/2001 (JP)
   -w/ Modem Pack (JP)
  -11/8/2001 (US)
  -11/30/2001 (EU)

-Other Versions
 -Capcom vs SNK 2: EO


- Playable Characters


  -Chun Li
  -E. Honda
  -Evil Ryu
  -M. Bison


  -Chang & Choi
  -Orochi Iori

- Secret/Hidden Characters

  -God Rugal
  -Shin Akuma

- Unplayable Characters


Capcom vs SNK 2
Capcom vs SNK 2

Section last updated: June 09, 2002

Game Information
-Game Basics:

Dash- F, F or B, B: Your character will do a quick hop forward or backwards.

Run- F, F and hold F. Release F to stop: Your character will run across the screen.

Air Guard- Hold B in the air: Your character blocks while in the air.

Small Jump- Tap U or UF or UB: Makes your character do a small jump in the direction pressed.

Counter Movement- While blocking press F or B + LP + LK: Makes you move forward or backwards after blocking an attack.

Counter Attack- While blocking press F or B + MP + MK: Your character will counterattack.

Dodge- Press LP + LK: Makes your character dodge an attack.

Rolling- Press LP + LK: Makes your character roll.

Safe Fall- Press and hold all 3P as your character is falling: Makes your character get up quicker and puts some distance between you and your opponent.

Tactical Recovery- Press and hold all 3P when your character has fallen and you are on the ground: Delays your character from getting up.

C Groove - Super Combo Level System Gauge
Dash, Air Guard, Rolling, Counter Attack, Tactical Recovery

C Groove's gauge works just like the Alpha series. You can build your gauge up to three levels, and can execute a specific Super Combo by pressing the appropriate button. LP or LK for level 1, MP or MK for Level 2, and HP or HK for Level 3. There is also one nifty feature that can only be done in C Groove, the ability to cancel a Level 2 super into a Level 1 Super or Special Move.

A Groove- Custom Combo Gauge System
Dash, Rolling, Counter Attack, Safe Fall

A Groove is similar to V-ISM in Street Fighter Alpha 3. You can do Custom Combos by pressing HP + HK. This allows you to string up a combination of attacks that you couldn't do normally, like doing 10 standing Fierce punches. In this Groove you can only execute a Level 1 Super, which takes up to 50% of the gauge.

P Groove- Super Combo Gauge System
Dash, Tactical Recovery, Small Jump

P Groove is similar to the system found in the Street Fighter III series. In this groove you can Parry any attack that comes at you, and immediately counterattack. To parry a high attack tap F right before the attack connects, to parry a low attack tap D before the attack connects. You can also parry while in the air by tapping F before the attack connects. In this Groove you can only do a Level 3 Super when your meter is full.

S Groove- Groove Gauge System
Run, Counter Attack, Tactical Recovery, Small Jump, Dodge

S Groove is similar to the system found in the King of Fighters. In this groove you can manually charge up your meter and when full can execute a Level 1 Super. When your meter is full your attacks become more powerful. Also when your life is in the red you can execute a Level 1 Super at any time, and if your meter is full, you can execute a Level 3 Super.

N Groove- Advanced Power Gauge System
Run, Counter Attack, Rolling, Small Jump, Counter Movement, Safe Fall

N Groove is similar to Advance Mode in the King of Fighters. In this groove you have a gauge similar to S groove, when you max out the gauge, you will find a dot next to the gauge, meaning that you have a stock ready for a Super Move or a Counter Movement. When you have at least one dot you can press HP + HK, and you will be in MAX mode. Here your attack power is slightly increased, and if you still have another dot in stock, you can execute a Level 3 Super.

K Groove- Rage Gauge System
Run, Small Jump, Safe Fall

K Groove is similar to the system in Samurai Shodown. As you get hit your gauge will quickly fill up. You can also fill up your gauge by doing a Just Defense/Defend, which is done by blocking an opponent's attack at the last possible second, you also get a slight health increase if you do a succesful Just Defense/Defend. When your gauge is full your attacks become more powerful and you can perform a Level 3 Super.

-Variable Ratio System:
Characters no longer have pre-defined ratios. You can now set your team to be any ratio you desire. However you can no longer have 4 people on a team, the new max is 3. The ratios can be set as such:
- 1 Ratio 4 Character
- 1 Ratio 3 Character, 1 Ratio 1 Character
- 2 Ratio 2 Characters
- 1 Ratio 2 Character, 2 Ratio 1 Characters

-6 buttons:
CvS 2 now uses six buttons unlike the four in CvS. This gives the Capcom characters back their medium attacks, as well as giving SNK characters an extra attack.

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