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Game List
Guilty Gear X Plus
-Guilty Gear X Plus

-Release Date
 Playstation 2:
  -11/29/2001 (JP)
   -DX Pack (JP)

-Other Versions
 -GGX Advance

 -Arc System Works

- Playable Characters

  -Anji Mito
  -Axl Low
  -Chipp Zanuff
  -Jam Kuradoberi
  -Kilff Underson
  -Ky Kiske
  -Millia Rage
  -Sol Badguy

- Secret/Hidden Characters


- Unplayable Characters


Guilty Gear X Plus [By Your Side "G.GEAR"]
Guilty Gear X Plus

Section last updated: June 09, 2002

Game Information

-Game Modes

  -Story Mode
  -VS Mode
  -Gallery Mode
  -Survival Mode

-Link with the Wonderswan Color version of Guilty Gear Petit 2 to unlock some secrets.

It was once said that the two games could link togheter, with the WSC to PS2 connector, but that idea was apparently scrapped. The way it works is that you earn some type of password in Guilty Gear Petit 2, which you use in GGX Plus to unlock hidden secrets. As far as I know all of the secrets in GGX Plus can be gotten without the passwords, it just makes some easier to obtain.


Guilty Gear X Plus logo

Official Anji Mito artwork
Game artwork of Anji Mito
Anji Mito's Ending
Gallery picture of Anji Mito
Gallery picture of Anji Mito

Official Axl Low artwork
Axl Low's Ending
Gallery picture of Axl Low
Gallery picture of Axl Low

Official Baiken artwork
Baiken's Ending
Gallery picture of Baiken
Gallery picture of Baiken

Official Chipp Zanuff artwork
Chipp Zanuff's Ending
Gallery picture of Chipp Zanuff
Gallery picture of Chipp Zanuff

Official Dizzy artwork
Dizzy's Ending
Gallery picture of Dizzy
Gallery picture of Dizzy
Gallery picture of Dizzy
Gallery picture of Dizzy

Official Faust artwork
Faust's Ending
Gallery picture of Faust
Gallery picture of Faust

Official Jam Kuradoberi artwork
Jam Kuradoberi's Ending
Gallery picture of Jam Kuradoberi
Gallery picture of Jam Kuradoberi

Official Johnny artwork
Johnny's Ending
Gallery picture of Johnny
Gallery picture of Johnny

Official Ky Kiske artwork
Ky Kiske's Ending
Gallery picture of Ky Kiske
Gallery picture of Ky Kiske
Gallery picture of Ky Kiske
Gallery picture of Ky Kiske

Official May artwork
May's Ending
Gallery picture of May
Gallery picture of May
Gallery picture of May

Official Millia Rage artwork
Millia Rage's Ending
Gallery picture of Millia Rage
Gallery picture of Millia Rage
Gallery picture of Millia Rage

Official Potemkin artwork
Potemkin's Ending
Gallery picture of Potemkin
Gallery picture of Potemkin

Official Sol Badguy artwork
Sol Badguy's Ending
Gallery picture of Sol Badguy
Gallery picture of Sol Badguy
Gallery picture of Sol Badguy
Gallery picture of Sol Badguy

Official Testament artwork
Testament's Ending
Gallery picture of Testament
Gallery picture of Testament
Gallery picture of Testament

Official Venom artwork
Venom's Ending
Gallery picture of Venom
Gallery picture of Venom

Official Zato-1 artwork
Zato-1's Ending
Gallery picture of Zato-1
Gallery picture of Zato-1
Gallery picture of Zato-1

Guilty Gear X Plus Box
Guilty Gear X Plus Box: DX Pack

Misc Gallery Pictures:

May in Johnny's clothes
A very "healthy" May
Anji Mito and Baiken
Jam serving dinner
Young Jam
Small May
Millia on the rooftop
Millia vs Zato-1
Anji Mito
Axl Low
Faust under the moon
Millia with short hair
The GGX gals
Chipp Zanuff
Jam and May
Ky studying
Dizzy in pirate's clothing
Johnny at the wheel
Sol on some kind of creature
Sol, Jam, Anji, Venom, Johnny
Sol and Ky
Another picture of Sol and Ky
Anji and Baiken
The crew of GGX in SD style
Dark Sol


Anime Screenshots


-None at the moment.


-None at the moment.


As far as I know this version of the game is the exact same as the regular Guilty Gear X. I do know that GGX+ features two characters missing from GGX, Kliff Underson and Justice, the two characters from the original Guilty Gear. A story mode was also included to give more insight to the characters, a Gallery Mode was also added to this version.

A special DX Pack was also released. A DVD with an anime clip of GGX is included which runs around 5 minutes, a crystal-like figure of Sol with a stand, a keychain, a necklace pendant, along with the game itself.

I finally managed to see the GGX Plus Anime clip, thanks to JotaroX for getting the clip. For those that have not seen it I will describe what happens in the clip and give my opinions about it. I've also added some screenshot up above, check it out if you want to see what it looks like. Anyways on to the review.

The clip starts of with the sounds of a choir, from Dizzy's theme music, followed with text written like something you'd see in a bible. It then shows a scene of Sol and then a close up of his face. Next various scenes are quickly shown and then the GGX logo shows up, with the narrator announcing the game's name. Once the logo fades scenes of the characters are shown along with screens that say "Why do you fight?", "For Love?", "For Hate?", "For Power?", "For Allegiance?", "For Revenge?", "For Dream?", "For Justice?", "For Sin?", "For Destiny?"

Next the narrator gives a brief history of the Guilty Gear timeline, with dates showing up on the screen marking the major moments in history. Once the narrator finishes the timeline, a scene shows an army of gears destroying a city, presumably Japan. The flashback ends by showing a child, with one eye, seeing the "Man" alongside his gears.

The next scene shows a raven and the blade of a Scythe within what looks like a graveyard, followed by Testament facing off against Ky, telling him to leave her alone so that she can live happily. The scene then cuts to that of a forest with Dizzy asking whether gears have the right to live, and that she wishes to live in peace.

From here we cut to a scene of a ship in the sky being attacked. Inside the cockpit May is giving the orders to fend off the attack. As she looks on Johnny appears. Here Dizzy is shown once again, but this time is dressed in the same kind of pirate outfits as most of the girls on Johnny's ship wear. She however seems to be in some sort of pain and her wings suddenly appear.

The next scene shows a portrait of each character and the narrator announcing each of their names. The next scene shows some of the characters fighting, from Jam beating the hell out of 5 or so guys, Chipp taking on some ninjas, Baiken beating up what looks like ninjas, Zato-1 and Venom taking on Millia. The scene ends with Sol and Ky in what looks like the remains of a church and the both of them facing off.

My Comments
Overall I thought the clip was wonderfully done, and if an anime series was ever made for this game, hopefully it will look just as good as what was shown in the clip. One of the first thing that will probably catch people's attention is the narrator saying the game's name. When you first hear it, it sounds as if the narrator is saying Guilty Gear Sex. From what I've been told the X is supposed to be pronounced as "Zechs", which does sound like sex. One complaint I did had was at the scene where the timeline of Guilty Gear was being mentioned. For some strange reason there's a guy telling you the timeline in English and at the exact same time another voice telling you the timeline in Japanese. The Japanese voice is the dominant voice between the two, mainly because its louder than the English one, but I found it strange that they would play both at the same time.

As for the voice acting, most of the voice acting is in English, of all the characters that actually speak, May is the only character to speak Japanese. Very strange, but overall most of the voices were tolerable, at least to me. I personally thought Testament's voice fit the character very well. Ky and Sol are the other two that have any speaking roles and I thought Sol sounded horrible. As for Ky, well it sounded alright, but it wasn't quite what I had in mind for his voice.