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Game List
-The King of Fighters:
EX: Neoblood

-Release Date
 Gameboy Advance:
  -12/2001 (JP)
  -12/2001 (JP)
   -w/ GBA

-Other Versions

 -Marvelous Entertainment

 -Sammy Zone

- Playable Characters

 -Hero Team


 -Garou Team


 -Psycho Soliders Team


 -AoF Team


 -Korea Team


 -Ikari Warrior Team


 -Secret/Hidden Characters


-Hidden Strikers


-Unplayable Characters


The King of Fighters EX: Neoblood
The King of Fighters EX: 

Section last updated: June 09, 2002

Game Information
The games is meant to take place and explain what happened during 1998, where there was no official storyline.
At least 20 playable characters, 10 striker only characters and 2 bosses.

The official English site has recently opened, Sammy Zone, check the link in the info bar to the left. The site has put up some of the moves for the characters as well as basic information about the story and the game modes.

Months have now passed since the battle with Orochi, a fearsome power of Gaia which seeks to eliminate the pestilence known as humankind from the face of the earth. Once more, invitations to the King of Fighters Tournament have been sent to the legendary fighters of the day by an unknown host. Despite their suspicions of an evil scheme brewing behind the event, the fighters are ready to enter the arena... prepared to determine who the true King of Fighters will be.

In the long tradition of King of Fighter tournaments, only two names have become truly legendary: Kyo and Iori. Since the two fighting greats had their last showdown years ago, Iori can find no other worthy challenger. Now rumors are flying that the two champions will once again face each other in the arena. Now it will finally be decided who is the true King of the Fighters.

As the best fighting teams in the world assemble at the tournament, many wonder how the event will play out. Will the shadowy schemer behind the tournament be stopped before evil is done? Which team will claim the ultimate victory? Both in the arena and behind the scenes, a battle prepares to rage.

-Initial Impressions
According to various reports the game seems a bit choppy, but overall the graphics are quite similar to the MVS versions. Known modes are Team Play, Single Play, Survival Endless, Practice, Team VS, Single VS, and Survival Time Attack. Thus far there seems to be no new characters (besides Moe), there are however three hidden strikers, K', Maxima, and Vanessa.

Geese Howard is apparently the last boss of the game, while Iori is the sub-boss. They are not initially playable.


Pic of Kyo, Iori and Geese
Background image of Kyo, Iori, Geese, and Moe



-None at the moment.


-Play as Geese Howard and Iori Yagami
To play as Geese Howard you must beat the game with the Fatal Fury Team (Terry, Andy, Mai, and Joe) in Team Play Mode.

To play as Iori Yagami you must beat the game with the Japan Team (Kyo, Benimaru, Moe, and Shingo) in Team Play Mode.

-Hidden Strikers: K', Maxima, and Vanessa
To unlock the hidden strikers beat the game with any Team in Team Play Mode.