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Section last updated: August 10, 2003

Links go here. Thus far I've organized them into categories. Mainly things like General, Character Specific, Series Specific, etc. If their is a broken link, the site has moved, or has been taken down please let me know about it.

Capcom Sites

Links to sites that cover mostly Capcom games.

Rival Schools Network!
Street Fighter Grand Archive
The X-Men vs Street Fighter Combo FAQ

SNK Sites

Links to sites that cover mostly SNK games.

Galactica Phantom: The King of Fighters Resource Center
Kazuya's NeoGeo Reviews And FAQs
The King of Fighters EX- Official Site for the KoF EX.

Guilty Gear Sites

Links to sites that cover mostly Guilty Gear.

Guiltygearx.com- The Official Website, in Japanese
Guiltygearx.com- The Official Website, in English
Guilty Gear Machine- Covering the original GG.
guilty.gear.x [ M U S H ]

Character Shrines

Links to sites dedicated to one person or certain people. Organized by companies.

-Capcom Shrines

CammyFan.com - Cammy and more!
Cody Convicted- Street Fighter Alpha 3
Rival Schools (Project Justice) Natsu's Lesson: Gorin's Gym
Saikyo.com, v4.1
Talbain and Cammy Forever!
The Unofficial Linn Kurosawa Fanpage- A site to the heroine of Aliens vs Predator made by Capcom.
URIEN 2003'- Urien from Street Fighter 3

-SNK Shrines

:: enter :: the little kasumi todo page
[KD-0084+]- A Shrine to K'
Purple Flames- A Shrine to Iori Yagami
A Shrine to King

-Guilty Gear Shrines

Barren Heart Intro- Ky Kiske Shrine


Links to official sites.

Arc System Works- Makers of the Guilty Gear series.
Arika- The makers of the Street Fighter EX series.
Capcom World- Capcom of Japan.
Epoch- Makers of some of the coolest toys in Japan.
Marvelous Entertainment- Marvelous Entertainment, makers of KoF EX.
SNKNeoGeo/Playmore- SNKNeoGeo/Playmore.
Sammy- Publishers of Guilty Gear, Japan Site
Sammy- Publishers of Guilty Gear and KoF EX, US Site


Links to other sites that don't always have to do with Capcom, SNK or Guilty Gear.

Arcadia Magazine.com
Dash Taisen
Fighter Mania- Siegfried's site, with profiles for nearly every fighter out there ever made.
gamecombos.com- Site dedicated to combos for any fighting game.
GameFAQs- A great place to find help for all your gaming troubles.
GameSpot- One of the bigger videogame sites out there.
Game Watch- A very nice Japanese Gaming News website.
IGN.com- A nice videogame site, although they are starting to make you pay for some of their stuff.
MadMan's Cafe- Excellent site for news about the latest on Capcom or SNK.
The Magic Box- Excellent source of videogame news.
Marvel Directory
Sector: NGP- One of the few and best sites out there covering the Neo Geo Pocket.
Unofficial Handbook to the Marvel Universe- Ever wondered who some of those characters are in Marvel vs Capcom 2? Check out this site for some answers.