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December 27, 2001
Updated the King of Fighters EX section, and Kyo's section. Added in a few more links. Updated the Goods section with the current offerings from Resaurus. Finally I've added in all of the official artwork for Capcom vs SNK 2, thanks to Saiki for getting them all. I've placed them in the CvS2 section as well as the Gallery.

December 25, 2001
Updated News and Rumors page, also added in the first soundtrack listing for GGX. There is also a link there to a site with downloads to an MP3 version of the soundtrack, so check it out while it lasts. Also with the release of KoF EX some people have posted up some initial impressions and some details about the gameplay, I have added some of those comments to the KoF EX section.

December 16, 2001
Gamelist updated with a few more Capcom and SNK titles. I believe I've gotten the entire Guilty Gear series so that should be complete. Updated the GGXPlus page and the KoF EX page. Played around with some colors to make some parts of the site easier to read and navigate. Gallery page also updated.

December 11, 2001
I've made a template for all of the Site Map section I didn't have before. There all pretty much blank and lacking any real content, but hopefully that will change. Updated the Anime section with one more Capcom title. I've made some minor adjustments to the downloads section. The Guilty Gear X Plus section has been uploaded and just awaits more information.

December 06, 2001
I've updated the links section by updating the link to the Kasumi shrine. I've added a few more Anime titles that I remembered/found out about and have added them to the list. I've also updated the two individual game pages, KoF EX and CvS2 by adding a bit more info to the side bar you see on the left. Also started organizing the game list and added a few more games to the list.

December 01, 2001
I've updated the downloads section with some screensavers. Added a link to a King Shrine. I've also started adding in single character pages for the Capcom vs SNK 2 section, starting with Yuri.

November 24, 2001
I've updated the Gamelist with a few more games. I've also changed the Javascript at the top of the page where the images where ALL loading at once. It now only loads up one. The Capcom vs SNK 2 section has been updated with some gameplay info. The King of Fighters EX section has also been updated with some artwork. Finally I've added some wallpapers to the downloads section.

November 11, 2001
Updated the links section. Also put the old news into the archives, and finally updated with some new news. Also added in the Dictionary section.

November 06, 2001
Updated the gamelist with a few more games. Started work on the King of Fighters EX: Neoblood.

October 28, 2001
I've been updating the links section with more and more sites. If you've got a good site that I don't know about or just haven't linked yet tell me. I've also took out the Movie section, and have been slowly updating the Capcom vs SNK 2 section, now that I got the game, as well as updating the game list.

September 01, 2001
The site has gone from just being about Street Fighter to Fighting Games in general. To be more specific Capcom, SNK, and Arc Systems fighting games. I have also put up some javascript to randomly change the image in the top left corner.

Well, the site has been updating kinda of slowly, but I doubt anyone knows about this page anyways, but to those who do read it, HI. Anyways, the direction of this site will be changing, instead of focusing on just Street Fighter I have decided to cover Capcom's other fighting games like Darkstalkers, Project Justice and whatever other fighting game they make. This site will also cover the SNK games like King of Fighters, Fatal Fury, The Last Blade, and their other fighting titles. Last will be the inclusion of the Guilty Gear series made by Arc System Works.

One last word, the images on this site, for now anyways will be mostly Street Fighter. Until I can find enough pictures of some other titles.

August 04, 2001
Just about every main section (the links to the left), should be up and running. Course it doesn't mean there is anything in there, but I linked them now so I didn't have to go through each and every page just to put up one link.

This is where I will put up all the updates I do to the site, minor or major.

August 01, 2001
Thus far most of the sections I had previously had been changed over to the new format, and just need to be linked. I'm also planning on some additions to the site, but we'll see how that goes. I'm also planning on working on two different game sections at once. The first would be something new, Capcom vs SNK 2, and the other something old, in this case would be anything before Capcom vs SNK 2. I'm not sure which game I'm going to start working on, but I'll think of something.

July 22, 2001
So far the only section that is starting to go back is the Capcom vs SNK 2 section. Not much progess has been made thus far, but I'll put up what information is already known.

July 19, 2001
Welcome to Mmeeva's Page of Street Fighter. I've had to move from NBCI, mainly becasue they said they were closing. So while I was at it, I thought I'd work on a new design. Everything is currently in the process of being moved as well as being updated to the new look.