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Game List
Yuri Sakazaki
-Vs Stratigies

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Misc. Info
Other Apperances:

-Art of Fighting

Yuri Sakazaki

Section last updated: June 09, 2002




P - Any Punch 2P - Any two Punches 3P - Any three Punches
K - Any Kick 2K - Any two Kicks 3K - Any three Kicks
LP - Light Punch MP - Medium Punch HP - Hard Punch
LK - Light Kick MK - Medium Kick HK - Hard Kick
UB - Up-Back U - Up UF - Up-Forward
B - Back F - Forward
DB - Down-Back D - Down DF - Down-Forward

Special Moves
Move Name
Command Description
Ko'ou Ken /
Tiger Flame Punch
QCF + P Yuri's fireball attack.
Yuri Chou Upper /
Yuri Super Upper
F, D, DF + P Yuri's uppercut, pretty decent anti-air attack.
Double Yuri Chou Upper /
Yuri Double Uppers
F, D, DF + HP Can only be done after succesfully connecting with the HP version of the Yuri Chou Upper.
Hyakuretsu Binta /
The 100 Blows
HCB + K Yuri runs towards her opponent and grabs them. When she does she unleashes a fury of slaps.
Raiou Ken /
Rai Oh Ken
QCF + K Yuri jumps up and throws her fireball at an angle. The stronger the button the farther the angle.
Saifa /
QCB + P Yuri emits a small shield like fireball in front of her.
Special Attacks
En Yoku /
Swallow Wing
F + MK
Oni Harite /
Demon Hand Slap
F or B + HP
Silent Nage /
Silent Throw
F or B + HK
Tsubame Otoshi /
Swallo Drop
In Air, Any direction but U or D + P
Super Moves
Haou Shoukou Ken /
Haoh Sho Koh Ken
F, HCF + P Yuri throws out a huge fireball that is about as tall as she is.
Hien Rekkou /
Scalding Steam Blast
QCF, D, DF + P Yuri dashes forward and unleashes multiple Yuri Uppers.
Hien Hou'ou Kyaku /
Flying Phoenix Kick
QCF, HCB + P Yuri dashes forward and when she hits her opponent, kicks the opponent multiple times.

Official Yuri artwork Capcom Style
Official Yuri artwork SNK Style