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Section last updated: June 09, 2002


Name: May
Height: 5'2 / 158 CM
Weight: 104lbs / 47KG
Blood Type: B
Eye Color: Black
Birthday: May 5th (The Day Johnny found her)
Origin/Birthplace: Unknown
Hobby: Daydreaming about Johnny
Likes: Johnny
Dislikes: Baldness

Personal Info: A mischievous and happy-go-lucky young girl. Her values are based completely around her consuming love for Johnny. (If Johnny was on one side of a scale and everyone else in the world were on the other, Johnny would still weigh more in her eyes.) This pure and childlike exterior belies untold strength; she can hoist up a ship's anchor by herself. Simple-minded and selfish, nothing can stop her once she gets an idea into her head.

Story: Having lost her parents at a young age, May was picked up by the pirate Johnny and raised as a chivalrous bandit. Though she lived a rough life, over time she came to be charmed by her new guardian's kindness and broadmindedness. Ever since, her life has become completely dedicated to Johnny, and her reunion with him after the last Tournament brought her much happiness. One day, as Johnny's birthday was nearing, the crew decided to give him a present as a sign of their appreciation. Compelled by her growing feelings for him, May decided to give him a gift personally, in addition to the crew's gift. The problem was, she didn't have money… Soon after, she learned of the huge bounty put on the Gear, and decided to head for the new Tournament.



P - Punch K - Kick S - Slash HS - Heavy Slash

Special Moves
Move Name
Command Description
Applause for the Victim HCF + P or K or S or HS (Hold button to build power)
Overhead Kiss HCB + K (Near Opponent)
Special Attacks
Overdrive Attack
Ultimate Whiner HCB + HS
Great Yamada Attack QCF, QCF + S
Instant Kill
May and the Jolly Crew HCF, HCF + HS (Near Opponent)

Official May artwork
May's Ending