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Game List
Guilty Gear X
-Guilty Gear X

-Release Date
  -2000 (US)
  -2000 (JP)

  -12/14/2000 (JP)
   -Limited Edition (JP)
  -5/23/2002 (JP)

 Playstation 2:
  -10/02/2001 (US)
  -03/01/2002 (EU)

  -11/30/2001 (JP)

-Other Versions
 -GGX Plus
 -GGX Advance

 -Arc System Works


- Playable Characters

  -Anji Mito
  -Axl Low
  -Chipp Zanuff
  -Jam Kuradoberi
  -Ky Kiske
  -Millia Rage
  -Sol Badguy

- Secret/Hidden Characters


- Unplayable Characters


Guilty Gear X [By Your Side "G.GEAR"]

Section last updated: June 09, 2002

Game Information


Guilty Gear X Plus logo

Official Anji Mito artwork
Game artwork of Anji Mito
Anji Mito's Ending

Official Axl Low artwork
Axl Low's Ending

Official Baiken artwork
Baiken's Ending

Official Chipp Zanuff artwork
Chipp Zanuff's Ending

Official Dizzy artwork
Dizzy's Ending

Official Faust artwork
Faust's Ending

Official Jam Kuradoberi artwork
Jam Kuradoberi's Ending

Official Johnny artwork
Johnny's Ending

Official Ky Kiske artwork
Ky Kiske's Ending

Official May artwork
May's Ending

Official Millia Rage artwork
Millia Rage's Ending

Official Potemkin artwork
Potemkin's Ending

Official Sol Badguy artwork
Sol Badguy's Ending

Official Testament artwork
Testament's Ending

Official Venom artwork
Venom's Ending

Official Zato-1 artwork
Zato-1's Ending



-None at the moment.


-None at the moment.


This game was released on the Arcade on the Naomi board and since the DC shares the same system, there should be little to no differences between the two. The game was also released on the PS2 in the US and Europe. I'm not sure of any differences on the PS2. The game has also been released on the PC, but in Japan only.

The DC version was released with a limited mini-cd. The mini-cd features the game's soundtrack as well as some images from the game.

I'm not totally sure about this, but from what I've seen the PC version is packed in with some kind of bonus. If the program I used translated it correctly, the PC version came with cel-like drawings of the characters, and if you mail ordered from the company, Cyberfront, they would send you two special cels featuring Dizzy and Venom. Also the CD itself is said to have some wallpapers, screen savers, as well as some images for the game.